Q & A's

When should I register my team for the qualifier and when does the registration close?

You should register today! The qualifying workout is now released and results must be submittet April 30th (22:00). APRIL 30th IS ALSO THE REGISTRATION DEADLINE!

How does the qualifier work?

Each member of the team will do the qualifier individually. Your individual score will be put together into a ”team total score”. This makes it easier for athletes that live in a different area/town/country to team up and qualify for the Nordic Beach Brawl 2019 Final Event.

Can I team up with whoever I want?

YES! As long as you team up with to athletes of the same sex as yourself you’re good. You can team up with athletes from other affiliates, cities or countries. Also non-affiliated athletes can register.

Is this an international competition?

Yes. It’s called "Nordic", simply because the Brawl is hosted in the Nordic Region. Athletes from all over the world can register for the Nordic Beach Brawl 2019.

What's the standard's for the qualifier?

Standards will be released together with the qualifying workouts. You should be able to do all the basic movements of the sport.

Will there be swimming involved in the Nordic Beach Brawl 2017 Final Event?


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